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Wight Counselling Training Institute

Wight Psychotherapy Training Institute

Counselling Trainers With Years of Experience

We are a team of counsellors based on the Isle of Wight, with up to 20 years of experience in a wide range of fields, such as trauma, personality disorder, and grief counselling. When we realised that there was no real provision for counselling training on the Isle of Wight, our group of specialists decided to fill that gap by setting up the Wight Psychotherapy Training Institute. Our team is now dedicated to creating a welcoming, collaborative environment that allows people to actively put counselling skills into practice, receive constructive feedback, and receive a formal counselling qualification on completion. WCTI was established in 2015 after successfully operating on the mainland previously. We operate out of a beautifully renovated barn ( picture right) with a large outdoor space based in a village on the outskirts of Newport.

Not Just For Would-Be Counsellors

The courses we offer are not just delivered for those who want to become counsellors and require formal accreditation. They are also for anyone looking develop counselling skills for any other reason. You might, for example, work in the care sector, or as a teacher, or simply want to enhance where you are as a person and improve the way you communicate with others. Our service is therefore available for anyone who wishes to further their personal development through acquiring counselling skills from a reliable professional institute.

Please see below for more information on the different styles of teaching you will learn if you decide to enrol in counselling training on the Isle of Wight.

Counselling Styles

Transactional Analysis

A form of therapy that focuses on a person’s relationships and interactions with others. Training involves studying how people take on certain behaviours in early life, understanding how they manifest in the present day, ahead of helping the client towards greater autonomy.

Gestalt Therapy

Examines a client’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviours as they happen in the moment, rather than exploring past childhood experiences, in order to better understand how they relate to themselves and others.

Person-Centered Counselling

An empathetic, collaborative approach that involves the client in the therapeutic process. Counselling is adapted to their specific situation and delivered with a view towards empowering the client to reach their own conclusions as a way of stimulating personal growth.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

A highly popular form of therapy that involves identifying destructive thought patterns that contribute to mental health issues and replacing these automatically negative interpretations of situations and events with more objective, realistic thoughts.

Psychodynamic Therapy

Places strong emphasis on how past emotions, events and patterns of behaviour may show up in present-day relationships and lead to problems like depression or anxiety. It goes beyond conventional counselling due to the way it acknowledges the role of the unconscious in how we feel and act.

Family Therapy

A form of therapy that supports clients to resolve problems that have emerged in the family unit, with a focus on understanding the group dynamic, its origins, and how individual actions affect each other and the broader family unit.

For more information on our team that provides counselling training on the Isle of Wight, please take a look at our Staff page.